Project 5 Star Integrity Leadership has been created in partnership of the European Institute of Compliance and Ethics and the Managers’ Association of Slovenia, with the financial support of the Embassy of the United States of America as part of the ‘NGO Small Grants’ competition.

5-STIL Business Event

After EICE, in cooperation with the Managers’ Association of Slovenia, published the 5-Star Integrity Leadership manual, we organized the first event to honor this project, also supported by the US Embassy in Slovenia. The event took place on November 5, 2019, from 9 to 11 p.m., at Triglav Lab Digital Center in Ljubljana, with guest speakers, Ms. Sally March and Prof. Dr. René Schmidpeter. More about event.

The event opened with the formal address by US Ambassador to Slovenia, her Excellency Lynda Blenchard. It was concluded with the roundtable with established professional and leaders.

You can read “Five lessons learned following the 5-Star Integrity Leadership” by Jurij Giacomelli at the following link.

Implementation of business compliance and ethics principles into business operations is completely dependent on leadership and is a matter of good and responsible governance. The personal integrity of leaders alone is far from being enough. What numerous employees bring to every organisation are their values and subjective perceptions about what is fair for them, for the company, for clients … They are exposed to numerous pressures, expectations and everyday business and personal challenges. What is more, the operations of contractors also affect the image and responsibility of the company. If leaders want to effectively protect their company and stakeholders from material and moral losses due to violations or non-compliance, they also need to apply a strategic approach and systematic methods for detecting and managing risks in the field of compliance and integrity in the entire organisation and throughout the supply chain. Provided in this manual are answers to the questions of what fundamental principles should lead you in doing so and how to establish them.

Andrijana Bergant,
President of the European Institute of Compliance and Ethics

Very soon after the start of the recession, the Managers’ Association of Slovenia put values at the forefront and updated the Code of Ethics in 2010. Values are still a paramount as the association celebrates its 30th anniversary this year. We will upgrade the Code of Ethics with this manual, which we believe will help Slovenian companies and managers to effectively promote compliance and ethics in their everyday business practices and decision-making processes. Under the principles provided, leadership integrity will also become more recognised as a factor in improving the quality of corporate governance, raising productivity and long-term business performance, which also means the greater competitiveness of the entire economy.

Saša Mrak,
Executive Director of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia

With excellent infrastructure and one of the fastest growing economies in Europe, Slovenia is an increasingly attractive location for U.S. and foreign trade and investment.  As Slovenia’s export-based economy becomes more and more integrated with and open to global markets and investors, however, it is vital that Slovene companies and entrepreneurs adopt and internalize international standards of transparency, professionalism, integrity, corporate ethics, regulatory compliance, and the rule of law. The U.S. Embassy is committed to increasing bilateral trade and investment with Slovenia as a key mission goal, and we are honored to support the efforts of the European Institute of Compliance and Ethics and the Manager’s Association of Slovenia to promote and instill these businesses and corporate values through the 5 Stars Integrity Leadership program.

Said Don Baker (The Embassy of the United States of America) at the announcement of the project. Read the full statement from EISEP and the Manager’s Association here.

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Ethical companies are also more resistant in times of crisis and are quicker at leaving a crisis behind.

Source: Ethisphere, World’s Most Ethical Companies

All around the world, companies with high-trust culture have better operating results.

Source: Best Place to Work


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