• Ethics and Compliance Initiative (EIC). Sources in the field of compliance in the form of surveys, case studies and tools are available here: https://www.ethics.org/resources/


  • FCPA Blog – an international website for publishing useful and interesting information about fraud, supervision and compliance. https://www.fcpablog.com/


  • Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE) A lot of useful information, instructions and guidelines are available on the website.


  • Federation of European Risk Management Associations



  • Ethisphere – The Ethisphere® Institute is a leader in defining and improving standards of ethical business practices, which promote corporate character, trust on the market and business success. It announces its ‘World’s Most Ethical Company’ award once a year https://ethisphere.com

“The future is reserved for technologically advanced and collaborative systems that are sufficiently agile in implementing new technologies and more ethical in their operations, as new generations bring a demand for greater responsibility towards the future generations and the planet.”

– Aleksander Zalaznik

“If ethics and corporate compliance is a value for the top management, and the top management is also a leader, then the entire company shouldn’t have issues with compliant, ethical business practices. Ethics and leadership of an individual are largely created in the early phase of socialisation, but they can be learned and trained. I expect from the top management to personally bring both into the company. There must be no dilemma about how much ethics and compliance there should be – it is either there, or it is not.”

– Suzana Filipančič